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YAY old ng is back!!!

2009-04-02 20:55:12 by kalbito

man i was upset with teh chinese thing \:(
soo yup great to have me great profile :)
in other things im currently heplping a friend with a flash comercial !!!
its gonna be on spanish and english

see ya!!!1


2009-04-01 16:54:28 by kalbito

flash flash flash XD
this is not what i mean
i ment to say FLaSH


2009-03-18 18:50:46 by kalbito

please comment my news
i need help but i cant coz
nobody helps me
the zelda flash is cancelled
i know im no help to newgrounds
so why would i make a flash
im quitting flash
and in sometime newgrounds
i know u wont care


2008-12-16 20:15:41 by kalbito

ok heres the deal
im working on a zelda flash
no sprites only my drawings
original sounds and music
so... no big deal in the story
link fighting with ganondorf and then with ganon
i need ideas on how to make ganon cause its hard making it from the oot
relly hard
im making it frame by frame i wont repeat anything
i should finish it by may 2009
so later will be screen shots
well thats it hope u give me ideas!!


2008-10-13 17:39:20 by kalbito

ok i have 1 or mor problems if anyone can help please do it
im a noob k im starting to make flashes (sprite flshes) and i cant gett it going right (1 to fast 2 it always shake 3 problems with backgrounds) can i make a picture for the user images i have

well i think this is it
u r gonna think i am dumb but i want to make things good

so i will be really thank full if u can help me
ahh and other thing if u r gona post things that can help me (like say im a noob.quit trying u are useless)
please dont waste ur time


looking for fun???

2007-12-30 00:33:11 by kalbito

if ur looking for some laughs go see tankmen 1 ,1.5 ,2 and tankhombres or go see mario bloopers,mishaps etc.

looking for fun???